About Our Instructor

mr martin

Mr. Martin began training in TaeKwon-Do in October 1991 at Hwang’s school of TaeKwon-Do in Newmarket, NH.

1992 most improved student

1992 successfully completed ITF/KATU instructor training and referee course. Certified class C

1992-96 Forms gold medalist

1993 certified Class B instructor and Referee

1993 Mr Martin moved from Portsmouth NH to CT to live with, and learn directly from Grand Master Hwang.

1993-1998 Under Secretary General of KATU Kore America TaeKwon-Do Union

1994 earned 1st degree black belt

1994 attended seminar with the founder of TaeKwon-Do General Choi, Hong Hi.

1995 KATU national champion Sparring.

1995 USA Jr. Team Coach 2nd world championships Warsaw Poland

1996 earned 2nd degree black belt

1996 USA Jr Team coach world championships Prague Chech. Republic.

1997 attended General Choi, Hong Hi seminar and was personally taught.

2001-2014 Mr Martin took time to focus on family. Trained at various locations, and is now married and has a son.

Spring of 2014 Returned to train with Grand Master Hwang.

2015 International Instructors training course with Grand Master Hwang, Kwang Sung President of the UITF Unified International TaeKwon-Do Federation.

2016 earned 3rd degree black belt UITF.

Presently still training under the tutelage of Grand Master Hwang, ITF certificate K-9-1, promoted to the highest rank of 9th degree black belt by TaeKwon-Do Founder General Choi, Hong Hi.

Mr Martin is a Member of the 2017 USA TaeKwon-Do Team and compete for USA in the World Championships in Argentina this August.

Update! The world Championships were Amazing.

30 Countries and over 1200 Competitors

Mr Martin came home with 5 Medals

Gold In Pattern

Silver in Sparring

Silver in Team Pattern

Silver in Team Sparring

Bronze in Team Power Breaking

Team USA won the Grand Championship Cup

Mr. Martin enjoys Training, Fishing, Hunting, and Time with Family